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04.04.2019 - Paris

Swarovski #Follow Your Heart

On Valentine’s Day, Swarovski launches an emotionally charged collection with the message #FollowYourHeart, with Publicis Luxe. An invitation to the expression of love and personality. The film directed by Bonasia & Narcisi (Bandits). The film stages a romantic and modern couple under the sun, highlighing the flagship pieces of the new collection, which was inspired by a romantic cruise around the islands of Capri, Formentera, Portofino and Stromboli.

05.12.2018 - Paris

Publicis Luxe is born

A luxury-dedicated agency, born from Publicis 133, Razorfish and the best talent from the Groupe, Publicis Luxe is a crew of passionate people. 


« We have been collaborating for two years now to create a new kind of brand experience for one of our clients. It’s been a runaway success, and one so clear that creating this collective was a no-brainer. » Antoine Pabst, CEO


Publicis Luxe is an ambition: to reimagine brand-defining experiences for luxury, where products, services and storytelling blend into one emotional journey, building long-lasting relationships with customers.


05.12.2018 - Paris

Cartier Santos

Cartier partners with Publicis Luxe for the relaunch of Santos. 


Santos is a seminal watch model from Cartier, named after the famous pilot with an adventurous spirit, who co-designed the watch with Cartier. An advertising campaign and a brand content strategy established the ideal of a bold man with a pioneering state of mind, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.


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05.12.2018 - Paris

Lancôme Genifique

Rebooting the line in US & Asia.


Starring Kate Winslet, Zhou Dong Yu and several Asian celebrities such as Bae Suzy and Yuan Quan, the Find the Light campaign reboots the Genifique line in US & Asia with a simple premise : the most beautiful light comes from within.


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05.12.2018 - Paris

YSL Beauty Instagram

The first interactive magazine launched on Instagram.


Taking scroll obsession to the next level with the winning formula of a magazine structure: unique creative concepts, distinctive tone of voice, superior execution. Out every week.


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05.12.2018 - Paris

Armani Scent of Life

Our Youtube Lab project with Armani Acqua di Gio.


Following the lives of three professional athletes with a personal connection to water, Scent of Life speaks of how they have battled and overcome personal challenges to work with the natural elements.


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05.12.2018 - Paris

Lancôme Drama Matte

Penelope Cruz launches the new L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte


The most matte of all the L’Absolu Rouge Lipsticks combined with one of the most remarkable virtue of the franchise’s DNA: comfort. A bold and daring state of mind of form and function For the very first time on makeup, Penelope Cruz embodies empowered feminity in a digital movie.


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05.12.2018 - Paris

Cartier Christmas

A holiday season galaxy for 2018.


Iconic Cartier pieces in shining, precious backgrounds makes for a bold and striking take on Christmas time.


05.12.2018 - Paris

YSL Beauty + TMALL

A digital store opening that feels like an event.


A huge e-commerce retailer in China, TMALL features stores for major global brands. The new YSL Beauty store was an instant-hit.


After the launch, the brand generated over RMB 30 million ($4.77 million) in sales in 14 hours alone.


05.12.2018 - Paris

Lacoste Instagram

Game. Set. Matchstragram.


Hypnotic, immersive, interactive playful content is what we create for the iconic brand’s Instagram. Driven by our #meaningfulmoves strategy for the brand, everything is in the sleight of hand, like a Djokovic backhand. See for yourself.


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We imagine experiences where product, service and storytelling blend into a single, memorable journey. Experiences are moments, that spark emotion: an arresting photograph, a beautiful parcel on your doorstep, a grand decor or an exceptional event, an interaction with inspiring people.


We think big, and think small. We are a unique combination of artisan-worthy attention to detail, and large-scale production capabilities. We all come from different backgrounds: digital natives mesh with image craftswomen with the best eye for esthetics, working as one team between Paris and Shanghai.


Whether working on brand platforms, campaigns, commerce, always-on content, innovative services or post-advertising territories - we're pioneering a new era of luxury marketing, where heritage and zeitgeist collide to spark new ideas.

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