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The Scent of Life

Endurance, determination, physical and mental strength, Scent of Life focuses on how athletes have struggled, left their comfort zones, and overcome personal challenges to work with the natural elements.

Using influencers, the series showcases the iconic and timeless Acqua di Giò collection drawing on the values of sensuality, nature and authenticity.



Episode 1: Tom Court
8,2 M Views

Episode 2: Joey Mantia
4,4 M Views

Episode 3: David Boudia
10 M Views

Episode 4: Nicolò Caimi
10 K views (Live since 04/03)


Episode 2 – Joey Mantia – The Scent of Life

Episode 4 – Nicolò Caimi – The Scent of Life

Episode 3 – David Boudia – The Scent of Life

Episode 1 – Tom Court – The Scent of Life


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